Why you should have Website for your Business?

Website Designs and Development: – before I start anything to write about website designing and development, I would like to ask a simple question that is,

How many of you really know the exact meaning of website designing and website development?

Now you must be thinking that there is no difference between website designing and development because we frequently read and lesson website development, a single word for both of these two terms Website designing and website development.

Software Development

Today let me clear both terms website designing and website development. It is very true that any website project could not get ready without any of these both term. Website designing is the front interface of website and other one is the back bone of website, means Complete coding part comes under website development part. So, simultaneously both the terms are required for website but both the terms have its own uniqueness.

Now let’s come to main topic that is,

What is website??

Website is a location on internet where you have stored your Complete business information in the form of a webpage or many WebPages, it is a set of multiple WebPages at one place and provide information that have on its WebPages.

Basic important factors or WebPages of the website are as follows:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting Space
  3. Home page
  4. Static and Dynamic pages
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Website content

The above stated factors are most important for any website get ready to display on internet and provide the best information to its users.

Website is one of the important marketing tools for any business to provide complete information about your business (product or services.

If you are having business, but do not have website, then you are equal to not existed business. In this modern era people are on the internet for more information about product or services, and companies are on internet to provide the complete business information about their companies. In such a competitive business market everyone is looking for the best and quality product with reasonable price. As there are many good players are in market providing same product or services.


Then how customer will get complete information about required product or services?

And its Answer is Via “Internet”. In this competitive market customer or client will never prefer to communicate or visit services providers place, he will prefer to collect the required information on internet from services provider’s business website. So having website for your business is must in current era.

Factors of Website:-

  1. Domain and Hosting: – Domain Name is a Identification string where you are displaying your website on internet. You could not display website (Host your website without Domain Name). Domain Name is a IP or a group of IPs, such as www.laxmiitsolutions.com  is an website domain where we have hosted our website. And it has multiple pages which are providing the information about the services we provides. Domain name is a fixed address of your website, which help internet users to find your website easily.
  2. Hosting Space: As the domain is most important factor for having your business website, As same the hosting is also most important part of it. Hosting space is the place where we put our web pages, and that webpage get displayed on your domain name as the users open your domain.
  3. Home Page: – Home page or you can also call the landing page for your website, as well as you can generally call it as complete face of your website. Home Page is the initial page for your website where we provide the short information about your complete business and invite the users to visit the other pages of your website for more and details information about your product or services. Once the user lands on your home page then he decides to continue or exit from the website. So once the user visited your website your Home page should have the information and look that motivate the user to get more information about your business. Home page is complete face of your business, If your home page is good with information as well as look then and then only the users will get into your other pages for more information about your products or services, otherwise the user will return from the homepage and then you may be loose one prospect for your business.
  4. Static and Dynamic Pages:  Pages, which means the internal place where we are displaying your business complete information, these pages having two main types one is Static pages and other is Dynamic pages.       
    1. Static pages: Static pages are the pages where we are putting your  information to read by the users. On static page user could not revert back to the business for any of his query or anything.
    2. Dynamic Pages: on dynamic pages we offer two way communications, where users can contact to the business of his query as well as order. Example of the dynamic page is Feedback Page, Enquiry Form etc.
  5. Other Information: – On the website we can put more information about your product or services. It could include the Photo of your products or services, feedback from your customers, achievements of our business, mission and vision of the company, etc.
  6. Website Content:- This is one of the most important factor of your business website, If your business website is having good content for engaging the users on it then your website is doing well otherwise, if you are not having good content for your website then your website will not get listed in to any of the search engine. And if your website will not get listed in to search engine then your website will face problems to get good traffic to your website.

As you have read about the website and its important factor in this blog, I will get back to you with BENEFITS OF HAVING WEBSITE in the next blog.